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Our therapies - Remedial and Pregnancy Massage Therapy

Remedial and Pregnancy Massage Therapy

Remedial and relaxation massage to relieve aches & pains, reduce stress and improve circulation that may help with recovery from sporting or physical injuries

Pregnancy massage to help with general aches and pains related to being pregnant; and pregnancy acupressure massage that may assist in the late stages of pregnancy

What you need to know:

  • Massage therapy can be done fully clothed and over a towel or with oil.
    If you have a preference, please inform your practitioner
  • This therapy can involve range of movement stretches, acupressure, cupping therapy,
    traction massage, warming techniques, massage to increase circulation,
    relieve aches & pains, and increase range of movement
  • Herbal balms and liniments may also be used in conjunction with your massage, so please advise your practitioner if you do not want it applied


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