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IVF Treatment Support

Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine may help with: 

  • Cycle regulation by tonifying or moving blood prior to commencing IVF treatment to help
    improve the endometrial lining, quality of the bleed 
  • Assist in improving the quality of ovulation
    and sperm production by fortifying the 'Kidney Essence'
  • Getting the mind & body relaxed and prepared for
    the vigors of embryo transfer, dilating the cervix and relaxing
    the uterus, in preparation for embryo transfer
  • According to a comprehensive review done in 2014, it concluded that "Acupuncture may provide women an experience of support and a framework to help cope and develop resilience to manage the terrain of IVF treatment and the inevitable mental and emotional distress that occurs. 
  • Post transfer treatments to help with settling the mind, improve blood
    circulation to the uterus and nourish the embryo growth.


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